Reasons to Choose Granite for Bathroom Countertops in Remodeling Projects

Reasons to Choose Granite for Bathroom Countertops in Remodeling Projects

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, one of the most common projects is replacing old countertops with new ones. The customers of the remodeling contractor typically want a different material, a new color scheme and perhaps a change in the layout. Granite is a popular choice for kitchen countertops , but what about bathrooms? There are several reasons to choose granite for those rooms as well.


Homeowners usually first decide on the size for the countertop and then start thinking about colors and patterns. They may want to have a long fixture removed and a vanity installed, for example.


A Broad Range of Styles


Granite looks classy and is available in an enormous array of colors and patterns. That's one reason so many people choose granite for both kitchens and bathrooms. It's easy to find something in just the color and style that the customers have in mind, and that will blend in perfectly with the rest of the room.


Suitable for Virtually All Room Designs


Granite installed by a contractor such as Mimosa Kitchen & Bath also fits in virtually any design of bathroom and home. It goes well with ultra-modern, sleek rooms just as much as it does with a rustic, country look and decor. A polished finish looks fantastic with the more modernistic atmosphere, while a matte finish coordinates with a design emanating a rural character.


Stain Resistance


Granite has a reputation for being a bit high-maintenance, but people with these countertops adjust quickly. Sealant blocks most of the potential issues that could damage the stone. The material is resistant to stains unless something acidic spills on the stone and is not wiped up quickly. Tomato sauce, for example, is a common problem.


In the bathroom, people will want to be careful with hair coloring products, but that's generally the case with other countertop materials. When any substances do stain the granite, the unwanted color can be drawn out with a poultice. However, most other cosmetics and personal care products do not affect granite. kitchen contractors , shampoo, makeup and toothpaste are not problems.




In regard to bathroom remodeling maryland homeowners want countertops that are resistant to chipping, scratching and cracking. Granite's durability make it an ideal choice for these rooms. It won't be affected if a hot curling iron or blow dryer is set on the surface. Yet kitchen and bath remodeling must understand that granite absorbs heat, so the surface can stay surprisingly hot for a while after removing the curling iron.